Mccreedy’s studios are located in Switzerland and South Africa. The main studio and atelier are located in a seven story, 600-year-old building in the heart of the old town in Zurich, Switzerland. It is in this building, originally a Roman town house, later converted to a private bank and now Mccreedy has created his HQ studio inside it. Numerous windows and antique shutters open onto a 12th century medieval courtyard with an ancient fountain engraved with a steel lions head that continuously flows, providing pure and fresh drinking water sourced from the Swiss Alps. The pristine Limmat River in front of the studio balconies provides a constant sound of flowing water, a big inspiration for his work.

The studio boasts a 14th century exposed stone wall stretching from the ground to the top floor. A solid marble staircase gives access to the enlightening visual journey experienced as you ascend the floors inside the world of Mccreedy. Impeccable, innovative features including furniture created by Mccreedy provide a design odyssey throughout the building. Paintings are the main focus in the studio. Most paintings are expertly framed and adorn the walls throughout the studio. The artworks created in his restrictive pigment, “Mccreedyblue” are formidable and exquisite. In the relaxing areas there are plants from Africa and Europe taking Mccreedy back to his safari adventures as a child mixed with the mediaeval Roman surrounds.

The paintbrushes used in Mccreedy’s daily creations are an artwork in themselves. They have been collected over a period of time from the finest small sizes of brushes to the largest which are over a meter wide. These brushes alongside endless bottles of Mccreedyblue pigment are positioned around the studio producing an amazing work in progress atmosphere.

A visit to Mccreedy’s studio and atelier is a unique experience giving, insight into the distinctive elements and emotions contributing to the environment that allows the artist to create his extraordinary artwork. The smell of the “Essence of Mccreedyblue” designed art candles permeate the building with a heavenly fragrance. This combined with the constant flow of the Limmat River, and the view of the Swiss Alps are all factors contributing to the exceptional environment within the studio. Inside the studio is a state of the art old Italian coffee machine as Conor is a lover of coffee, his coffee is sourced from the oldest coffee farms and made on the occasion with the in house barista for his patrons, collectors and guests.

Originating from South Africa Mccreedy returns to Africa whenever he has the opportunity. Driving through the African bush in an open Land Rover searching for his favourite animals and exploring the fauna and flora allows him the time out needed for his inspiration and ideas for his creativity. Conor is an environmentalist and a conservationist. He has established a foundation to create awareness and raises funds to (Protect African Lions) through his iconic (PAL) Bracelet. The lion is his favourite animal.
The studio is private and not open to the public. It is advisable to arrange an appointment to view the works.