Mccreedy's paintings are characterized equally by audacity and heritage. His works are powerful, dynamic and genuinely hypnotic, taking inspiration from life, the ocean and the energy around him and not least his South African heritage. Art historians have described the Mccreedyblue colour as having an “unspeakable effect” which manifests in the symbol of the ocean in his work.

Known for his richly textured, distinctively monochromatic blue coloured, large-scale splash paintings. Depicting abstract figures and sometimes people in monochromatic shades with expressive & detailed gestures. His trademark colour is know globally as Mccreedyblue. His choice was made in favour of his favourite colour. It is also the most profound and mysterious of colours. Blue was also researched by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the eighteenth century.

Mccreedy has discovered an emotive power within the essential clarity of the materials that he uses to execute his paintings. Disciplined by single colour, focusing on material exploration, the creative gesture and the spiritual connection between the artist and his work. He seeks to transcend visionary barriers, leaving some of his paintings untitled, with the intention of removing any choice or connection beyond the work’s urgent existence. The work itself becomes a memory and an artifact symbolic of the artist’s conversation with the raw material that brought the painting into creation.

Mccreedy’s influences range from artists such as Yves Klein and Pablo Picasso to the monumental colourists such as Willem de Kooning and Gerhard Richter. The natural inspirations come from his Southern African heritage, a landscape blessed with brilliant cobalt blue skies that meet the powerful Indian and Atlantic oceans, filled with endless shaded of blue, rich red sunsets and emerald green safari surroundings.

“I associate blue with intelligence, unity, stability and power. The raw mysterious void of the ocean is one of my inspirations” — Mccreedy

While Mccreedy cannot be described as iconoclast in the traditional sense of the word, he is driven by an iconoclastic urge, which manifests itself in the intriguingly diverse and often deconstructive ways that he produces art. A startling number of materials and techniques cohabit in one, where abstraction, figuration, creation and deconstruction combine with the intriguing development & construction of the unique paintings and sculptures that Mccreedy makes.