The splash paintings are amongst Mccreedy‘s most widely recognised works. They are the most prolific. There are over 50 currently in existence, with more unique splash paintings being created each year, dating from 2010. "To create that wild yet completely structured splash, to do those shades in one disciplined colour I got exactly what I wanted“ he says. It was just a way of pinning down the joy of a single colour.” Distinctively monochromatic paintings with gestural brushstrokes and largescale splashes in his brilliant, signature blue pigment known as “Mccreedyblue.” Disciplined by the symbolism of colour and focused on the emotive power of materials, the artist seeks to create a sense of spirituality and the sublime in his work. Like his Color Field painting predecessors, some of Mccreedy’s paintings are intentionally left untitled to resist simple stylistic categorization.