Conor Mccreedy’s impressive new collection of palm trees are inspired by his safari adventures through the Okavango Delta and other areas of Botswana. The inspiration also comes from the tropical islands off the coast of Southern Africa. His favourite palm trees are known as the “Lala Palm” native to the Eastern Afrotropics. They occur in Eastern Africa from Somalia to Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. They are also found all over the Okavango Delta, the coastal flats of Madagascar and on Juan de Nova Island in the Mozambique Channel Islands. For Mccreedy these palms symbolize mystical feelings on sacred lands, riddled with mystery and voyage. It is his favourite, most layered and detailed series of works yet. The collection will be exhibited and displayed in two grand exhibitions in 2019 with his representative galleries. There are only a limited amount of original paintings, original drawings and print editions each numbered to limited editions in the entire collection. The paintings are painted in his Mccreedyblue trademarked pigment with olive oil on Belgian linen, canvas and wood. Each painting comes with a certificate of authenticity. The drawings are drawn on Italian and French archive paper with charcoal, oil sticks, pastels and pigments. They will all be archively framed in glass with wood. Each drawing comes with a certificate of authenticity. The limited series of prints made on the archive paper are each hand signed, numbered, stamped and framed.