New York City, United States

National Arts Club
Jul – Aug 2009

The National Arts club, founded in 1898, has had a long association with South Africa. In our recent  past, and ambassador from that country has been with in the clubs designated membership. In that period, South African artwork was exhibited in club galleries on several occasions and South African wines were served in the club dining room. It is also on record that Nelson Mandela‘s government celebrated freedom day in our historic mention. The club continues a wonderful tradition and unites or two countries with a significant bond and interesting dimension. Thus showcasing the precocious, artist extraordinaire Conor Mccreedy’s exciting “Outlier” artwork. Conor Mccreedy is the youngest artist ever to be invited to have a solo exhibition in the National arts club in New York City. 

Sincerely yours, 

O. Aldon James Jr.
National Arts Club President