MCCREEDYWORLD houses the artist’s experiences and luxury art inspired products, creating an ultra-luxurious art emporium and ecosystem that is vertically integrated to the core. The brand was inspired and built off the original paintings by Conor Mccreedy. The energy and feelings his art brings throughout people’s lives has now been transformed into his luxury products. High definition images have been taken from certain sections of his paintings and then legally trademarked into a copyright pattern that can be transferred onto ultra-high end products. The reason for the patterns to be taken from sections of paintings is to avoid  devaluing his rare and original paintings. Each year a new trademarked pattern from a section of his painting is launched onto the products. This allows for a new and exciting experience to evolve each year. This also makes each product a limited edition and generates in value over time. 

The brand MCCREEDYWORLD is Inspired from the artist's birthplace - Southern Africa and engineered in Switzerland. “Our philosophy is to create epic experiences through art, to inspire and to touch all senses from smells, visuals, sounds and of course taste, to transform people’s lives.” States Mccreedy. The brand surmises the visionary artist’s life as seen and experienced through his eyes, bringing art through people’s lives in a way like never before, turning it into the most adventurous and fabulous life experiences. 

The first series of products to be introduced to the world are THE CANDLE and THE COFFEE. The three other key products are being launched now with high end collaborations: THE SNEAKER, THE TRUNKS and THE UMBRELLA. Currently they are all available through mccreedyworld and the brand partners; Ludwig Reiter, Timo Trunks, Glatz and selected stores. You can experience them in THE CAFE by Mccreedy which acts as an emporium. Located in the ground floor of the MCCREEDYWORLD flagship store in Zurich Switzerland. This is an amazing concept that allows people from all over the world to experience this flawless ecosystem all inspired by art. Inside the cafe you can sit down, taste the coffee and view all the art products, even tour the studio and gallery, having the privilege to view paintings before they are sent to museums, galleries or auction houses.


Being fascinated by scents as a child and growing up with countless varied smells, Pheromones are important to Conor, “it brings back memories and instantly transports you to that place” says Mccreedy.  He wanted to reproduce his experience with smells and take you on a nostalgic journey with the first candle in the world to smell like the colour blue. The candle is designed specifically from the unique brushstrokes and shades of Mccreedyblue, developed by the artist and his team. This luxury scented candle is an artwork in itself. The candle is made from refined mineral wax and secret fragrances creating a perfectly balanced scent with a burn time of 50 hours. Hand poured in England and developed with traditional methods. The labels are handmade and embossed. The secret ingredients are guarded from the public creating a very mysterious essence of Mccreedyblue. They are available online at mccreedyword and selected stores. Price 90 USD



Conor has always loved coffee so decided to make the best coffee and create an experience that he felt was not being offered to public. The craft of coffee making is like art. The coffee is sourced from the most supreme coffee farms in Africa, after all, coffee was discovered in Africa around the 11th century. Our unique beans are sourced from Tanzania’s ultimate coffee estates. It has a rich creamy texture which brings out the bold flavours. We do not roast this specialty too dark. Our pure arabica beans are all handpicked and are peaberrys, ‘the boss of all beans,’ which means in every coffee cherry there is only one bean, making it more exclusive, all handpicked. Suitable as an espresso drink but also as a "long" coffee, it is characterised by its round, full flavour with pleasant acidity. A touch of chocolate and a fine sweetness on the finish complete the whole. The plants are located on the luscious highlands of Northern Tanzania on the outer slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater. The location height is at 1700 meters above sea level, combined with the exceptionally fertile qualities of the volcanic soil common to the crater area, allows this coffee plant to flourish in their natural environment. The bags are available online at mccreedyworld and exclusively in our very own cafe. Starting Price 40 USD 250g Bag



Collaboration: LUDWIG REITER x MCCREEDY "If a pair of sneakers are comfortable I can’t be bothered to take them off even if I want to get dirty in the studio” I’m all about comfort. Says Mccreedy. During studio time Conor always end up with some of his iconic pigment splashed on his sneakers. This has given him the idea to take this much further. This gave him the idea to explore the sneaker concept. With comfort and style paramount to Mccreedy, the obvious collaboration would be with Ludwig Reiter, what better way to create the most luxurious contemporary art sneakers in the world! Ludwig Reiter, an Austrian based family shoe house, made perfect sense. The Ludwig Reiter and Mccreedy collaboration is an encounter between two worlds that have absolute faith in the power of creation entwined with the finest craftsmanship. The sneakers are handmade and hand stitched with the premium leather  and a durable rubber sole. Mccreedy’s Splash Painting style symbolises the continuity of life's energy, passion, and sensuality. This is the first time an original hand painted sneaker in Mccreedyblue will be available to the public. As one of the few heritage shoe makers still family owned, traditional techniques are of the highest importance. Whilst those skills are still used for crafting leather footwear, Ludwig Reiter now brings its flair for good design to a more contemporary style such as these limited edition sneakers with Mccreedy. The limited edition sneakers are hand painted by Conor Mccreedy, each sneaker is it’s very own original and comes with a certificate of authenticity which is hand signed by the artist and the CEO of Ludwig Reiter. This exclusive collaboration is limited to 200 pairs worldwide, created with pure tradition and passion. The shoes go through a meticulous process similar to the making of an original painting, there is a drying time period to make the paint water and sun proof allowing the sneaker to be worn in all elements. The print editions will launch soon and can be pre ordered. They have a trademakred brush stoke printed onto the leather. The sneaker symbolises strides of Mccreedyblue, making it fit for all special occasions. This is the world’s most exiting contemporary art shoe. They are available online at mccreedyworld , Ludwig Reiter, net a porter and in selected stores.

Price 3,000 USD (limited hand painted editions)

Price 620 USD (print editions)



Collaboration: TIMO x MCCREEDY  The Mccreedyblue trademark splash swim trunks and beach shorts combine luxurious art prints with modern tailoring. The trunks are made for the sun and more. From the very beginning, staying true to the TIMO brand philosophy was of parmount importance, which is to take fun seriously, hence the creation of these limited edition art trunks. They are contemporary whilst taking on a timeless design. Every pair of TIMO x MCCREEDY trunks come with hidden functional details. Pockets for key cards and a waterproof bag, to allow the wearer to have as much care free fun as possible on the beach, around the pool, styling in the city, on safari, looking hip in the gym and so comfortable you could wear them to bed. The pockets are deep, allowing space for cards or phones that don’t fall out. They are incredibly comfortable with a flawless artistic design making this product a true work of art. The shorts blend into the ocean waves and become one with the endless shades of blue, these are the one and only art trunks. They are available on both Timo trunks website and mccreedyworld as well as selected stores. Price 300 USD



Collaboration: GLATZ x MCCREEDY Artist Conor Mccreedy’s splash painted umbrellas for Glatz are a stroke of genius. The world's most exclusive umbrella maker Glatz collaborates with world renowned artist in his signature trademark colour known as Mccreedyblue. The collaboration showcases passionate explosions on state of the art materials which only dreams are made of, Glatz uses the finest Swiss quality and UV protected fabrics to create some of the most magnificent umbrella shades in the world. The company’s latest collaboration, with art-world star Conor Mccreedy, is not to be missed. Opening this umbrella with its big splashes in Mccreedyblue symbolizes a magnificent yacht sailing through the seven seas, which have an uncanny resemblance to the iconic splashes made by the artist. Mccreedy creates his celebrated brushstroke splash paintings by applying large vivid strokes to the canvas with one of his homemade brushes. The result is a line of limited edition teak wood umbrellas that feature the artist’s signature brushstrokes. This is the Rolls Royce of classic sunshades. It enchants many people with its nostalgic charm. Characteristic features of the umbrellas are fine materials such as natural teak wood, rustproof metal fittings and corner mounts reinforced with leather as well a double pulley system. Glatz has long been admired for its storied tradition of excellent craftsmanship, elegant designs and Swiss quality. “Qualities that are also important to me as an artist” says Mccreedy. Buyers are able to select the iconic splash design on any style of umbrella they wish and can be made exclusively to order.  They will be available, starting September 1, at select Glatz locations and retailers, online at Glatz and mccreedyworld. Starting prices 2,900 USD a piece.



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