Conor Mccreedy was born in 1987 in Johannesburg, he grew up in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Mccreedy is an internationally known contemporary artist. He is based in Zurich Switzerland.

His first painting was painted in 1993 and was of a blue sailing ship on the ocean. This painting is now in a private collection. His second painting he ever did was of a group of trees and flowers in the African wilderness. These are still his most important and biggest inspirations still to this day- The wild African bush and the vast oceans. After finishing boarding school in South Africa Mccreedy then enrolled at university in North Carolina on a golf scholarship, after dropping out of college, he travels to London and makes a final choice between a career as a professional golfer or an artist. He rents the former studio of the famous ballerina Margot Fonteyn in London, and organises his first atelier.

He gave up golf in 2007 to pursue an art career in new york. Mccreedy then moves to New York in 2006 and enrols at Pratt Institute in Manhattan, one of the leading educational institutions in the field of art, design and architecture. He studied under many great illustrators before dropping out.

During this period, he works as a model, and at the same time begins to sell his works on the streets of Union Square. He would offer his local art store an A4 sketch in blue pen ink as payment. Without money, the good old method of bartering – exchanging art for materials – gave him access to much needed supplies. Selling his first major piece for $3,800 as a 19 year old in New York’s Union Square streets.

In early 2010 Mccreedy’s “Indigo blue” series is displayed in Johannesburg , the solo exhibition demonstrated his interest in expressionism and the techniques of 14th and 15th century painters who used only ultramarine and indigo blue pigments – their goal was to challenge themselves with materials that were considered highly restrictive and of the purest form. His track record is well documented. Aged just 22, in 2009 he became the youngest ever artist to exhibit and produce a show ‘outliers’ at The National Arts club in Gramercy Park. A private art club in New York. The show was sold out. It was inspired by his love for African wildlife. The works were all abstract figures of animals from his safari adventures in Botswana.

Two years later, in 2011 he develops his Mccreedyblue pigment, a unique combination of five pigments that he uses in all his current series of work. His bespoke Mccreedyblue, the trademark of his recent work is a scientific engineering of five blue pigments manufactured uniquely for him. Media company, Time Warner commissions Mccreedy to paint a new logo in his signature Mccreedyblue style for a lavish Manhattan launch party. In 2012 the Charles Bank Elizabeth Street gallery showed his “African Ocean” exhibition, a collection of 20 paintings including “Blue Angles" which was sold to one of South Africa’s largest private art collectors. His large 3 meter painting titled "Secret Movements" sells to a private collection for more than $180, 000 – A new world record for an artist under 30 years old at the time.

A commission by New York’s soho house quickly followed, to paint a 5×12 Meter mural leading to the penthouse pool deck. Late 2012 he produced and curated a private show at the Ernie Els wine estate in Stelenbosch where a selection of 21 paintings from 2006 to 2012 went on silent auction. He donated funds from that auction to the KLM and Air France foundations. The same year the world’s largest online art platform named Mccreedy “popular artist of the week” alongside Jeff Koons and Tracy Emin. That same year one of his paintings was sold to a private collector for a record-breaking price. In 2013 he was named most stylish "artist" and "businessman" in South Africa. In early June 2013 his painting of Nelson Mandela was stolen in New York. He currently is the owner of the priceless artwork if ever found and returned after buying it back from private collectors when their insurance company did not cover the loss of the stolen artwork.

During the 2014 Kunst Art Fair in Zurich his paintings were all sold. It was another record for an artist to have an entire solo booth sold out. The booth was represented by Galerie Proarta. In 2013 he sets up a global wild lion foundation called 'Protecting African Lions' (PAL) Mccreedy designed the iconic PAL bracelet in his colour. In late 2014 Bloomberg Markets TV conducted an interview and described Mccreedy as the next luxury brand.

In 2015 he turns a large former private bank into his Zurich based studio and atelier. The building renovations took over one and a half years to be completed because of the building’s protection status being one of Zurich’s most iconic landmarks. The approval by the Swiss building authorities and government took many months. During this period Conor painted in the basements of galleries, some of which still keep his blue splash marks on their white walls.

Sotheby’s auctions one of his medium sized splash paintings in March 2017 from the “Ed Cohen and Victoria Shaw” collection followed by another auction by Switzerland's most important Auction house - Koller Auction house auctions a small splash painting in the Post War and Contemporary collection in Zurich. South Africa’s most prominent auction house, Stephan Welz and Co auction a small portrait painting titled “Study of Churchill” during the contemporary sale in Johannesburg. In 2018 he creates his Rock Sculptures called ‘HARNESS’ (Holistic Art Resources Nurturing Environmentally Sustainable Sculptures) -Harnessing Nature for the benefit of a Holistic Planet, Monumental Environmental Sculptures- These unique rock sculptures are created purely from the local indigenous rocks in the region where they are installed and displayed in different parts of the world.

Mccreedy has had sold out solo exhibitions around the world from New York to Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Moscow and Zurich. Mccreedy’s eponymous blue series today can be found in major Russian, German, Swiss, South African, British, Australian, Chinese and US collections, commanding very high prices. His Private HQ atelier studio is available by private appointment only. He has expanded his creations to include Global Luxury collabarations with well known luxury brands such as Ludwig Reiter, Bulgari, Rolex, Timo Trunks and other brands. He has created his own art inspired designs such as: coffee tables, candles, sculptures, paperweights, Coffee and more. All inspired by his original paintings. Thee artist’s pioneering style has redefined the way contemporary art is collected, created and perceived. His creations are evocative, powerful and alluring.

Mccreedy lives and works between Switzerland and Southern Africa.