The Blue Renaissance

The trademark of world renowned artist Conor Mccreedy’s work is his bespoke Mccreedyblue colour – a scientific engineering of five blue pigments on a myriad of materials including Belgian linen. Characterised equally by audacity and heritage, his works are powerful, dynamic and genuinely hypnotic. Art critics have described the Mccreedyblue colour as having an “unspeakable effect”. He has extended this unique pigment creating his own natural glow pigment known as “Illuminatus” which explodes light particles in the darkness. The incredible reaction can be seen in a mesmerising collection of paintings as well as a luxury coffee table created as its own piece of art.

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Inspired in Africa

Growing up in the heart of Africa, Mccreedy developed an intimate knowledge and acute awareness of the movements of the ocean and animals on safari, not only with his foundation to protect African lions but also hundreds of species. Whether it is a pride of lions, an Olympic downhill ski racer or a spiralling revolution, you can feel and experience the exhilaration of being there in an instant.

Named the most famous artist in South Africa and on the continent, he has the eyes of an eagle and the brilliant ability to capture these movements in his original creations.


Tables, Candles and Timeless Sculptures

When Mccreedy created The “Illuminatus” Table, it was the first time phosphor had ever been liquidised into the Mcreedyblue pigment. His trademarked technology combines hand crafted Swiss seamless design and perfectly cut angles, creating a revolutionary art experience, much like the precision behind Swiss made watches and Formula OneTM cars. A one of a kind painting is created in each unique table.

Mccreedy is extending this technology into Timeless Sculptures in a mega oversized hour glass design as a lawn sculpture. Filled with the Mccreedyblue Illuminatus pigment, it will make for a sensational launch at an upcoming summer lawn party on the private estate of one of his collectors in Sussex, UK. His art is carried through to an aromatic candle (The essence of Mccreedyblue), evoking the mighty oceans of the southern tip of Africa and the calm breeze of the Mediterranean.


Mccreedy’s pioneering style is redefining the way contemporary art is collected, created and perceived. Based on Mccreedy’s successful contemporary art creations, he and his team are creating the world’s first luxury art brand. The paintings, drawings, tables, candles and sculptures are only the beginning as there is much more to come in the form of a digital art app called ArtTell, as well as collaborations and partnerships with innovative brands around the world.

CONORMCCREEDY SA was founded as joint stock company in 2015, and the company has completed a first round of investing to provide a strong platform for future brand expansion. In late 2014. Bloomberg Markets TV conducted an interview and described Mccreedy as the next luxury brand.