“Splash Paintings and Chiaroscuro – Solo exhibition NYC”

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Splash Paintings and Chiaroscuro -Solo exhibition NYC

HG Contemporary – Curated by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim present a solo exhibition by artist Conor Mccreedy titled “Mccreedyblue,” featuring his textured monochromatic abstract splash and figurative paintings. 

Mccreedy cites the landscapes of where he was raised in Southern Africa, with “cobalt skies that meet the powerful Indian and Atlantic oceans, filled with endless shades of blue” as inspiration for his work. A limited edition archival print of his painting “Frozen in Time” on handmade paper will also be featured in the show.

“Conor produces elegant and powerful works with his signature shade of blue. I’m intrigued by how he explores texture and technique within the context of using a single color while creating a feeling of luxury through the same hue,” said Hoerle-Guggenheim. 

Based in Zurich, Mccreedy has sold out solo exhibitions internationally. He held his first solo exhibition at the National Arts Club, titled “Outliers,” making him the youngest artist to have had a solo exhibition at the venue. By using one color, he focuses on process, technique and material exploration, working to “transcend visionary barriers.” His influences range from Pablo Picasso to Willem de Kooning.