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Conor Mccreedy born in Johannesburg, South Africa is a well known international contemporary artist based in Zurich. He is a contemporary and post internet artist.
His highly acclaimed recent work is based on his own unique one of a kind pigment which is known as Mccreedyblue. His exceptional paintings are made with large brush- strokes in his magical and mysterious blue pigment. He says: “I associate blue with intelligence, unity, stability and power. A raw mysterious void of the ocean is my inspiration, the equalizer of mankind.”
Mccreedy has had sold out solo exhibitions around the world from New York to Johannesburg,Hong Kong and Zurich.
Art historians have described the Mccreedyblue colour as having an “unspeakable effect” which manifests in the symbol of the ocean in his work. Mccreedy’s eponymous blue series today can be found in major Russian, German, Swiss, South African, British, Australian, Chinese and US collections,
commanding very high prices.

His bespoke Mccreedyblue, the trademark of his recent work is a scientific engineering of 5 blue pigments manufactured uniquely for him. Mccreedyblue paintings are on a myriad of materials, including a taut linen which is unique to Belgium. Characterized equally by audacity and heritage, his works are powerful, dynamic and genuinely hypnotic, taking inspiration from life, the ocean and the energy around him and not least his South African heritage.
His private HQ atelier is available by appointment only, his work is a must seefor any collector who seeks the most refned, chic and sophisticated art works. He has expanded his creations to include coffee tables, candles, sculptures and paperweights all inspired by his original paintings.
The artist’s pioneering style has redefined the way contemporary art is collected, created and perceived. His creations are evocative, powerful and alluring.