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Conor Mccreedy was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but spent most of his high school years between Natal and Johannesburg. He won all the art prizes in high school and was questioned about the advanced painting techniques at such a young age by his teachers. After graduating from Hilton College Mccreedy attended university in North Carolina on a golf scholarship, but art remained his true love. He gave up golf in 2007 to pursue an art career in new york, where he attended the Pratt Institute in Manhattan and studied under many great illustrators before dropping out. During his early days in NYC in order to get his canvases stretched, he would offer his local art store an A4 sketch in blue pen ink as payment. Without money, the good old method of bartering – exchanging art for materials – gave him access to much needed supplies. Selling his first major piece for $2,500 as a 19 year old in New York’s Union Square streets.

early in 2010 Mccreedy’s “Indigo blue” collection demonstrated his interest in expressionism and the techniques of 14th and 15th century painters who used only ultramarine and indigo blue pigments – their goal was to challenge themselves with materials that were considered highly restrictive and of the purest form. His track record is well documented. Aged just 22, in 2009, He became the youngest ever artist to exhibit and produce a show ‘outliers’ at The National Arts club. The show was sold out. Two years later, in 2011, having developed his Mccreedyblue, He was commissioned by Time Warner to paint a new logo in his signature Mccreedyblue style for a lavish Manhattan launch party. In 2012 the Charles Bank Elizabeth Street gallery showed his “African Ocean” exhibition, a collection of 20 paintings including “Blue Angels”which was sold to South Africa’s largest private art collector.

A commission by New York’s soho house quickly followed, to paint a 5×12 Meter mural leading to the penthouse pool deck. Late 2012 he produced and curated a private show at the Ernie Els wine estate in Stellenbosch where a selection of 21 paintings from 2006 to 2012 went on silent auction. He also donated funds from that auction to the KLM and Air France foundations. The same year the world’s largest online art platform named Mccreedy “popular artist of the week” alongside Jeff Koons and Tracy Emin. That same year of his paintings was sold to a private collector for a record-breaking price for an artist under the age of 30. In 2013 he was named most stylish businessman in South Africa. In early June 2013 his painting of Nelson Mandela was stolen in New York. He currently is the owner of the priceless artwork if ever found and returned after buying it back from private collectors when their insurance company did not cover the loss of the stolen artwork.

Mccreedy’s eponymous blue series today can be found in major Russian, German, Swiss, South African, British, Australian, Chinese and US collections, commanding very high prices. His bespoke Mccreedyblue, the trademark of his recent work is a scientific engineering of 5 blue pigments manufactured uniquely for him. Mccreedyblue paintings are on a myriad of materials, including a taut linen which is unique to Belgium. Characterized equally by audacity and heritage, his works are powerful, dynamic and genuinely hypnotic, taking inspiration from life, the ocean and the energy around him and not least his South African heritage. In honour of which his foundation to Protect African Lions was born.

He has had solo exhibitions around the world, the most recent solo exhibitions were in Zurich, Switzerland and Hong Kong, Asia. He has been described as The Blue Renaissance.
Mccreedy lives between Switzerland and South Africa.